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It's happening again and I'm joining it again.

How it works: you bif, you win, you donate to the charity of your choice and then the vidder will make a vid for you.

>>>>Bidding: Aug 1st-10th<<<

More details about it: (take out the square brackets b/c lj is being a big pain in the ass. )

For more details, fandoms, etc, check my profile there: vidders4acause[.]webs[.]com/apps/profile/84980492/


Watch in HD.

You can watch it directly on yt HERE.

Finally finished my parts after almost 7 months and it was my  freaking idea! SMH. So sorry Bia for the great delay, but you know the ordeal I've been through for the last few months. I'm just glad it's finally done and I could finally find a third couple, lol, thanks to the ppl in my dash and their constant posts about Darcy/Bucky!  lol.  And it's always a pleasure working with you, Bia! :D Hopefully we can make more in a near future! ;)

Couples in order of their first appearance:
. Emma Swan & Dean Winchester (Swanchester)
. Chloe Sullivan & Bruce Wayne (Chruce)
. Joan Watson & John Luther
. Sarah Walker & James Bond
. Darcy Lewis & Bucky Barnes (Wintershock)
. Selena (Underworld series) & Sam Winchester

Fandoms: Supernatural | Once Upon a Time | The Dark Knight Series | Elementary | Chuck | Underworld | Luther | Captain America Series | Thor Series | Smallville | 007 Series
Music: "In my veins" by Andrew Belle

Check Bia's channel's HERE.
My previous kickass collab with her: Multifandom - Light 'Em Up
28 March 2014 @ 07:38 pm
On wednesday my house was broken into and they took everything. I´m currently using a borrowed computer. Besides feeling invaded, they left the house a mess,  you could not even enter some rooms. And they broke all doors....

Luckly, I was not at home when it happened, b/c I usually am when it happened. It could have been worse. Sadly, there is no way to see my stuff back. The police here is a joke, I´m the one gathering the video footage from the neighborhood... it´s just all ridiculous.  And the insurance won´t cover everything... I just need a comp so I can make stuff and study.  AHHHH, stupid thieves!!!

24 March 2014 @ 03:50 pm
Four actors of OUaT tweeted my vid. Josh Dallas tweeted it and other 2 (Colin O'donoghue + Lana Parrilla) retweeted him and Sean Maguire had retweeted someone else's tweet and said it was hilarious a few days earlier. I sill can't believe this happened! Someone pinch me!!!

Video on yt HERE